Cooperation with International Biopharmaceutical Association

The advent of the Internet has allowed IBPA to expand its networking capabilities to incorporate numerous biopharmaceutical and clinical companies while at the same time establishing its reputation as an industry leader. IBPA is a world wide organization, but it is still seeking to expand to new global markets.

As such, IBPA is still looking to grow, to meet new challenges and to ultimately reach a new audience with their services. That is why IBPA is looking to recruit active members that have the ability to lay the foundation for new IBPA Chapters all over the world.

Therefore, IBPA is inviting biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotech recruiters, and professionals from all branches of the Industry to offer their candidates opportunities to establish those Chapters in other countries. As an incentive to propagate these international Chapters, IBPA will leave 25 % of the membership and/or advertising fees collected to the chapters, as it's financial support.

If you are interested, please write to us to

Please support your application with reasons why you believe you would be successful and please attach your resume and/ or executive summary of the company.

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