Constitution of the International Biopharmaceutical Association

  1. FIRST. Name:
    • The name of the association is International Biopharmaceutical Association
  2. SECOND. Duration:
    • The period of duration is perpetual.
  3. THIRD. Purposes:
    • The purpose or purposes for which the Association is organized are:
      1. Primary Purpose
        The primary purpose is to support members in their activities, including but not limited to efforts to do the following:
        1. To share common experiences.
        2. To provide assistance for professionals seeking to join the industry
        3. To provide networking resources to professionals and institutions within the biopharmaceutical industry.
        4. To provide information about the institutions within the biopharmaceutical industry.
        5. To act as a channel between professionals and institutions within the biopharmaceutical industry.
        6. To provide access to networking resources.
      2. Activities The Association May Undertake At Its Discretion:
      3. The Association may by majority vote of its Board of Directors undertake any or all of the following activities, or activities substantially similar to those listed, or activities necessary or incidental to those listed:
        1. Consult with Industry Professionals:
          The Association, through its Board of Directors, shall consult regularly with industry professionals (members of the association) and at least annually, on or about Fall Comdex or comparable gathering, with the designated representatives of members.
        2. Keep Members Informed:
          The Association shall regularly inform its members of its activities through such contacts as are reasonably feasible, including as appropriate mailings to designated representatives, announcements on any Association events, and attendance at meetings of individual members invited by the Association.
        3. Encourage Scholarship Programs:
          Encourage establishment of scholarship programs for students who wish to pursue a career in the bio-pharmaceutical/medical field.
        4. IBPA Publications and Communication:
          Publish electronic and paper based publications. Peer Review Board will be appointed by the board of directors of the Association.
        5. IBPA Conferences Organize annual conferences in order to bring together major industry policymakers and leading industry experts to present an unbiased picture of the current status of the biopharmaceutical industry. Speakers will demonstrate the main achievements and primary concerns related to the Biopharmaceutical industry.
        6. Professional / Institutional Listings:
          Provide the listings of professionals / institutions within the biopharmaceutical industry. These listings serve the needs of pharmaceutical professionals working on pharmaceutical scale-up, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, pharmaceutical clinical trials, production, processing, manufacturing, engineering, and related regulatory and policy issues.
        7. Newsletter / IBPA Publications Subscribers
          Build and maintain a database of Newsletter / IBPA Publications Subscribers.
        8. Solicit Contributions:
          Seek to obtain contributions from vendors and others interested in supporting the existence and operation of IBPA, so long as no contribution to be received would interfere with the independence of the Association or of the memebers associated with it.
        9. Power to Acquire and Hold Property:
          To acquire by grant, gift, purchase, devise or bequest, and to hold and dispose of such property as the purposes of the Association shall require, subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by law, for the benefit of the members and not for pecuniary profit.
  4. FOURTH. Other activities:
    1. IBPA conducts Activities:
      IBPA will conduct on a permanent basis the following activities:
      1. Regularly-Scheduled Meetings:
        conducts meetings to which some members are invited according to a regular schedule;
      2. Published Newsletter:
        publishes from time to time in either hard copy or electronic format a newsletter sent to all members;
      3. Other Activities:
        The Association, in its sole discretion, may accept other activities that it deems indicate a comparable level of activity, given the geographical and other aspects of the situation of any user group applying for membership.
    2. Process of Becoming Member:
      Any professional or science graduate may become a member of the Association by following the procedures set forth in the Bylaws which process shall include, at a minimum, the registration of requested information about the member with the Association, t and the payment of dues, set by the Association. The following memberships are available :
      Junior Membership
      Title: "Membrum Integrum"
      Junior membership for fresh science graduates seeking to join the industry.
      membrum -i n. [a limb , member, a clause in a sentence]
      integer -gra -grum (1) [complete , whole, entire, intact; fresh, sound, unexhausted]; 'in integrum restituere', [to restore to its former condition]. (2) in quality, [unspoilt, pure, fresh]; morally, [innocent, uncorrupted, pure]; in thought or feeling, [balanced, unbiased, impartial]; of matters for discussion or action, [unprejudiced, undecided]; 'integrum est mihi', [I am at liberty]. (3) [renewed, begun afresh]. Hence adv. integre, [wholly; honestly, uprightly, impartially]; of style, [purely, correctly]
      (Source: English-Latin Dictionary, University of Notre Dam)
      Full Membership
      Title: "Membrum Absolutum"
      Full membership for biopharmaceutical professionals.
      absolvo -solvere -solvi -solutum [to loosen , to free]: of an accused person, [to acquit].; of a subject, [to dispose of, relate in full]; in gen. [to complete]. Hence partic. absolutus -a -um, [perfect, complete; unfettered, unconditional]. Adv. absolute, [perfectly, completely]. (Source: English-Latin Dictionary, University of Notre Dam)
      Honor membership
      Title: "Membrum Honoratum"
      Honor Membership for distinguished scientists and professionals within the biopharmaceutical industry
      honoro -are [to honor , show honor to, adorn, dignify]; partic. honoratus -a -um, [honored, distinguished, respected], or in act. sense, [conferring honor]; adv. honorate. (Source: English-Latin Dictionary, University of Notre Dam)
  5. FIFTH. Institutional Membership:
    • There shall be only one (1) class of institutional membership.
  6. SIXTH. Election of Directors and Advisors:
    1. Directors:
      There shall be four (4) Directors on the Board of Directors. Each Board of Directors shall nominate its successors, who shall be elected by the designated representatives of the members , using such procedures as are set forth in the Bylaws. In seeking to fill vacancies as they occur, the Board shall consult with the Advisors and with the designated representatives of the members , and then the Board may elect such Directors to fill out unexpired terms by majority vote of the remaining Directors. Any Director may be renominated and may serve as many terms as he or she is re-elected.
    2. Advisors:
      On or about the annual meeting each year, the designated representatives of members shall elect a number of individuals to serve as the Board of Directors Advisors, using specific procedures as are set forth in the bylaws. The number of Advisors elected each year, the term of office, and the total number of Advisors shall be as set forth in the bylaws. Advisors may fill any vacancy occurring between annual elections by majority vote of the remaining Advisors. Any Advisor may be renominated and may serve as many terms s he or she is re-elected.
    3. Term of Directors and Advisors:
      Each Advisor elected at the normal time surrounding the time of Fall Comdex shall serve the term set forth in the bylaws and each Director elected at such time shall serve form the following January 1 through the December 31 that is three (3) years from the start of the term. Directors and Advisors elected to fill vacancies occurring during a term shall serve from the time elected to the end of the term for which elected. The first Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) Directors .

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