Individual Membership Application

According to Constitution of the International Biopharmaceutical Association (article 4.2 Process of Becoming Member) any professional or science graduate may become a member of the Association by following the procedures set forth in the Bylaws which process shall include, at a minimum, the registration of requested information about the member with the Association,  and the payment of dues, set by the Association.

The following IBPA memberships are available:

Junior Membership
Title: "Membrum Integrum"
Junior membership for recent science graduates seeking to join the industry is FREE for a one year period with an annual renewal fee of US$45.00 for each subsequent year.
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Full Membership
Title:"Membrum Absolutum"
Full membership for biopharmaceutical professionals. Full Annual Membership Fee: US$90.00
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Honor Membership
Title: "Membrum Honoratum"
Honor Membership for distinguished scientists and professionals within the biopharmaceutical industry. Free Lifetime Membership.

Please apply for one of the memberships listed above and provide us with your resume / CV in support of your application:

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