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The IBPA newsletters deliver up to date information on upcoming events in the biopharmaceutical industry around the world. Most members of the association will appreciate the value of networking within this industry as a means for advancing one’s career. In addition, the newsletter also lists several attractive positions available from our partners and other reputable companies around the globe. If you are currently seeking a new position in the industry, we encourage you to apply to any suitable positions from the newsletters that are in your area

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The International Biopharmaceutical Association is very pleased to announce that we will be launching two new, peer reviewed, journal titles: "The Proceedings of the International Biopharmaceutical Association" and "BioAuditor" in 2005. The IBPA hopes that these publications will serve the Biopharmaceutical community by providing a forum for researchers to publish current, non-confidential, research items, to stimulate open and frank discussion, and to promote scientific discovery and research in the Biopharmaceutical industry. The journals are currently slated to run quarterly issues both as an e-journal and in print.

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