By David J. Mills

The International Biopharmaceutical Association offers its existing members a unique opportunity by providing a viable platform on which to make their voices heard on major Industry issues. IBPA invites all of its members to submit articles from a list of approved topicsfor the year 2005, or simply to reach beyond the scope of those ideas to suggest their own, if they so wish it.

To illustrate the promotional advantages we are trying to make here at IBPA, simply go to the list of IBPA published articles and enter the names of those authors into major search engines such as,,,,, and you will clearly see that these articles are at the top of those searches. Now perform the same procedure with your name, do you receive the same presence on the Internet or show the same affiliation with the Biopharmaceutical Industry? If not, the benefits that IBPA membership and publication are something you can no longer ignore. As a matter of protocol it seems that simple background checks are made by every potential employer when evaluating potential candidates for any position. Furthermore, this visibility is critical not only for individuals but for Industry heavyweights, Industry professionals, Biopharmaceutical companies, CRO’s (Contract Research Organizations), recruiters and other Industry players.

The IBPA newsletters are an opportunity that must be seized because they offer its members an unprecedented setting to deliver cutting edge information while also gaining access to upcoming events in the Industry from around the world. Most people can appreciate the value that submissions can offer, simply by engaging in promotional literature IBPA members have ample opportunities to expand their communications networks while at the same time elevating their status within the Industry itself. In the world we live in, knowledge is power, and knowing people within the Industry is an advantage that no one can deny. As such, membership provides access to lucrative positions made available through partners of IBPA along with other reputable companies from around the globe. Furthermore, the newsletter is not simply a source of vital Industry knowledge it also provides an opportunity to serve the Biopharmaceutical community by providing a forum for researchers and institutions. The goal of these researchers will be to publish current, non-confidential research pieces in an effort to stimulate open and realistic discussions on the direction that the Industry should pursue, while maintaining the principles of scientific discovery and research. With newsletters delivered every month to a growing membership of over 10,000 subscribers, the IBPA possesses the capacity to reach the hearts and minds of the Biopharmaceutical Industry. In an age of exposure and communication, the IBPA presents the ideal situation by which to promote your company’s opinions,concepts and ideals while elevating your stature among Industry leaders.

IBPA’s functionality is reflected in its ability to offer numerous assistance programs to its institutional members. One of the most fundamental aspects of IBPA membership is the opportunity to utilize their vast Industry resources to achieve any promotional goals that its members may seek to achieve. Simply because IBPA has a myriad of contacts and expertise at their disposal makes membership an attractive option not only for young and developing companies, but seasoned and experienced companies as well. For in the modern market place, even reputable companies will need to reach new levels of distinction as well as audiences that their current endorsement or promotional venues do not reach. It is this pivotal role that IBPA plays. Visibility is crucial for the advancement of a company’s image and more publications precipitates more discussion, which can ultimately lead to marketing goals that have never before been realized. All of these aspects of promotion on the IBPA site will help to advance other areas as well, namely the accessibility of their company website. Due to the additional coverage a company would receive through IBPA publication, a company’s presence on the Internet would grow and therefore make them more searchable through major search engines such as Google or Yahoo See Google’s Information for Webmasters. Prosperity is a byproduct of dedication, and once a company commits itself to promoting their ideals and knowledge through IBPA, their impact and presence will be felt throughout the Biopharmaceutical Industry as a result of the topics they wish to publish. An example to illustrate this point is the following article: Regulatory Agencies Do Not Require Clinical Trials To Be Expensive!

IBPA offers assistance programs not only to its institutional members but their individual members as well. Simply because succeeding in today’s job market is a difficult task and typically requires a candidate to do something extra. Like any new company struggling to assert themselves in the demanding Biopharmaceutical Industry, candidates need to increase their exposure in all forms of media, such as the Internet. The Internet has allowed the advent of electronic industry publications and IBPA is such a site because it allows candidates the opportunity to engage in industry topics and provides an opportunity to become established, recognized and ultimately valuable to potential employers. Potential value is the most important commodity when an employer reviews a candidate’s application. Simply mentioning the article on your CV, during a job interview, or even showing it to potential employers adds to the strength of your application. By researching and writing an article it shows your active participation in industry affairs, and in the process you expand both your knowledge and awareness of problems and trends that currently exist in the Industry. This knowledge will allow you the opportunity to write more than one article, which in the end is the goal each writer should strive to achieve. Writing is fascinating work, but it also lends the opportunity to increase your exposure because your name will appear on the internet and searches as an author (which is quite important in typical background checks performed by potential employers), and will help you identify and expand your networking capabilities helping you towards a better professional career. Simply because this is an immense opportunity, one must not forget to always maintain the highest standards of scientific writing, never copying or quoting material in a plagiaristic fashion. Instead think of these writing tasks as an opportunity to express your own thoughts and opinions allowing potential employers the chance to view your writing skills and more importantly, how you can communicate them to others. An example to illustrate this point is the following article: The Role of ICH GCP, Recruitment Strategies, and Training of Clinical Sites Staff in Successful Patient Recruitment Rates . Normally, some affiliation with the Industry is necessary to qualify to write such articles, but even students of Biopharmaceutical training programs typically qualify. Writing an article is especially attractive to managers of Biopharmaceutical companies in order to promote themselves by seeking and providing unbiased opinions in these electronic submissions, but still showing their affiliation with the company.

The Publishing Committee of IBPA has developed and approved a list of articles to be published in IBPA publications in 2005

Authors are invited to submit a request to write the following articles to You can also propose your own title not included in this list. When submitting, please attach your resume or mention your affiliation with the industry.

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