Our Mission

International Biopharmaceutical Association is a world-wide incorporated organization. It brings together biopharmaceutical and clinical research institutions and organisations from different countries for reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies active in biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. Its services are available to organisations, institutions and authorities concerned with biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research, as well as to individual policy and decision-makers, specialists, administrators, researchers, educators and students.

IBPA Institutional membership provides corporate members with a myriad of networking, advertising, and promotional opportunities. Membership is not something that should be taken lightly and IBPA addresses each application with that mindset. They evaluate each individual biopharmaceutical industry or clinical research company that applies for membership to assess how their induction will affect the composition of existing members. As such, the evaluation process functions as the crucial and fundamental element for allowing access to the vast array of resources that IBPA and its members have to offer. By ensure that the resulting collaborative arrangements are conceived between companies which personify the highest biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research industry standards of excellence and accreditation, IBPA's influence and reputation will continue to break barriers until it reaches all global markets. This serves to elevate the standing of all IBPA members within the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research by solidifying a company's reputation as one of reliance, accountability and excellence through their association with other recognized and established institutions. The entire process is beneficial for members because it facilitates access to other reputable biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research companies, service providers, and industry professionals thereby expanding the scope of their influence through potentially lucrative partnerships. As John Donne so eloquently relates, "no man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a part of the continent." It seems obvious that in today's global market the old maxim of survival of the fittest no longer applies but rather survival of the sagacious. As such, it would appear that the new paradigm adopted by the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research is that survival is predicated on alliances with companies that possess the resources, talent and reliability to advance the services of the companies they collaborate with. This is the fundamental purpose of IBPA, to promote the existence of mutually beneficial partnerships that will nourish the needs of each of its members, and it appears that there are no limits to the potential influence that IBPA could have on the development and stability of the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research on a global scale.

IBPA's commitment to maintaining the continued advancement of the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research shows through in their ability to develop and train young professionals that will eventually become the infrastructure upon which the industry will stand. This essential objective is sustained through IBPA's network of training programs supported by IBPA scholarship programs which will continue to grow in number and diversity as new members become affiliated with the institution. Through IBPA's networking capabilities, members are presented with the opportunity to attract new science graduates from all over the world to fill the voids that now exist in the marketplace and more specifically their own company. The combined resources of IBPA's companies allow individual members to recruit highly qualified individuals into their training, internship and scholarship programs which in the end will help build a solid foundation that will ensure the continued growth of their company while at the same time ensuring the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research industry. IBPA's networking is not limited to simply offering these programs. The foundation of their networking is fueled by active recruitment through organizing conferences and other events such as attending universities to educate graduates about the opportunities that exist in the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. Engaging in such practices is essential for ensuring that all resources that can be reached are tapped for their intellectual resources to strengthen IBPA and all of its members.

Furthermore, IBPA utilizes its resources to publish a monthly Career newsletter that at present is sent to over 10,000 subscribers. This newsletter is a platform for advertising numerous career opportunities within the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research and allows access to a diversified audience of professionals and institutions that they would normally not be capable of reaching. Along with IBPA membership comes the unique opportunity to write and submit articles on various biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research topics that can promote services, opinions and suggestions on the current state of the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. This is an important avenue to pursue because it allows members to expand on their networking capabilities by exposing other industry professionals and institutions to the ideals, purpose, and vision that your company embodies. Not only does membership provide access to industry professionals but IBPA's invaluable database of volunteers willing to work within the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. This database is full of individuals that are willing to assist IBPA and its conglomerate of biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research companies in activities that will promote and improve the quality of services that the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research industry currently offers. Along with a volunteer database, IBPA maintains a free resume database powered by Biorole. Biorole's sole purpose is to provide employers and employees with the means to seek out and fill professional positions within the industry. These services allow IBPA continued access to the largest volume of highly trained and educated professionals that have the ability to meet any and all needs that a company may require.

IBPA's fluid structure allows for networking into emerging markets as well as the promotion of internal collaborations. Through discussion groups on its forum pages, IBPA members are allowed to address regulatory issues, government policies and currently employed industry standards. These discussion groups serve to unify the perceptions of its members through an understanding of the complications, adversities and issues that its members currently face. Also it allows for access to other industry opinions on broad sweeping issues that have a serious impact on the future of the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. This mutual sharing of knowledge is the most important process in the unification of goals and agendas among its members and will serve to provide an open avenue by which to seek solutions to many problems and issues that exist in the industry. In the end, membership into IBPA serves to satisfy their ultimate goal of expansion into new global markets. Through these collaborations and partnerships, IBPA will have the opportunity to seek individuals and institutions willing to assist in the creation of new chapters all over the world. As you can see membership provides many lucrative and resourceful opportunities and is why we hope you consider prospering from IBPA's reputation and services.

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